Shipshape my boat insurance!

It couldn’t be easier to get a boat insurance quote from Haven Knox-Johnston. Just fill in the form
below and submit it to one of our knowledgeable crew. Now, sit back, put your feet up
and wait for your shipshaped quote to navigate its way back to your inbox.

To create your quote, we’ll make these assumptions

• The vessel is professionally built
• The vessel is used purely for your private pleasure
• The vessel is not raced
• You have not had any claims in the last 5 years
• You have no criminal convictions

If any don’t apply to your situation, please get in touch ASAP.

Our two levels of cover

Base Layer

This is third party cover – it protects others if they’re injured or their property is damaged on your watch.

All Weather

This is basically head-to-toe stuff. Covers your vessel, you and others for all sorts of things – please check your policy for the specifics.