Commercial Boat Insurance

Specialist commercial boat insurance designed for recreational, commercial and fishing charter boat owners.

Insure your commercial boat
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When your boat is a crucial part of your livelihood, the stakes are perhaps even higher than for private pleasure craft. From commercial fishing, to work boats, to tourism, the boat is where it all happens – so it’s vital to choose solid commercial boat insurance in case you get into hot water.

We know you’ll need commercial boat insurance that’s personal to your business – so we’ve created a commercial version of our ‘All Weather’ policy, suitable for most commercial craft. Plus, everything that we offer can be shipshaped around you. With over thirty years in the boating industry, we’ve got the experience and the dedication to deliver what you need. Why not get a free quote on commercial boat insurance now?

All Weather Cover

This is basically head-to-toe stuff. Covers your vessel, you and others for all sorts of things – please check your policy for the specifics.

– Cover for loss, damage, theft and third-party liability

– Agreed value policy

– Outboard Motors and tenders automatically covered up to £350 based on current market value (increases available upon request)

– Additional cover available for unpaid crew (but not for employed crew)

– Personal Belongings automatically covered up to £1,000 without declaration (increases available)

– 10% discount if moored in a UK marina

– No excess deducted for loss or damage claims caused by an uninsured third party

– Option to add Marine Legal Protection Cover


Please refer to our policy wordings for full terms and conditions.

Typical commercial vessel uses include:

Commercial Fishing

Potting & netting – Mussel & oystering – Rod & line fishing

Work Boats

Pilot boats – Water sampling – Laying/Servicing of moorings
Surveys – Windfarm support – Standby/safety duties – Small ferry boats

Other commercial uses

Angling parties – Sightseeing – Diving

Please call us if your commercial vessel use isn’t listed here – we’ll do our best to help you anyway.

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“A personal service is at the very core of our business – let us shipshape your boat insurance today!”

Linda Walsh, Head of Personal Lines

Why insure your boat with HK-J?


Who can drive my boat?

Apart from the restrictions noted below, boat insurance usually does cover anyone driving your boat with your permission. That said, minors under 18 years old are not normally covered to drive the vessel without an adult being on board and in charge at all times. 

If there’s someone who’ll regularly use your boat, with or without you being on board, it’s a good idea to inform the insurer. Give the person’s name, age, record, and experience, together with any claims history they may have.

Make sure anyone borrowing your boat is aware of any limitations in the policy – for example, about where the boat may be used or moored. Our Haven Knox-Johnston ‘All Weather’ boat insurance policy has this to say about who may drive your boat:

  • If you let someone else take charge of your vessel, you must make sure they have enough experience to do so safely.
  • There’s no liability cover for anyone operating, managing or working on the vessel who is employed by a shipyard, repair yard, marina, yacht club, sales agency, delivery contractor or similar organisation. So if anyone covered by these categories is going to drive your boat, it’s essential they confirm they have their own professional indemnity cover.
  • If you’re lending your boat for any form of compensation, this won’t be considered ‘private pleasure use’, but rather ‘hire or reward’. Hire or reward is normally excluded under insurance policies unless insurers have given their prior agreement to such use.
  • If you’re arranging for a delivery skipper to sail or deliver your vessel, you should get a copy of the skipper and crew’s sailing CV, and make sure they have the appropriate professional indemnity in place – insurers often want to see this before agreeing cover. 

The above is for information purposes only. It’s not intended to define legal terms, or to affect the interpretation of any policy we may issue. If you have any questions about your insurance, the best thing to do is get your particular questions answered individually by your insurance broker or insurer.

I’m planning an extended cruise – what if I can’t get insured for the whole trip?

Don’t panic. Any extended cruising trip is likely to be a long one, especially if you’re going the whole way round the world. Boat insurance policies will be written on an annual basis, and should at least be able to provide cover as far as your next destination, or near to it. If, for example, you can’t get boat insurance in the US, arrange it with the local market when you arrive in the Caribbean. As long as effective cover is in place at the time of arrival in any port, you can stay there while solving the problem of the next stage. The locals understand the market, and will be able to provide your boat insurance needs for that region.

How do I make a claim during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Please email us on with your name, policy number and the nature of the claim. If it’s urgent, please call +44 (0)1732 223610 and we’ll aim to get back to you as quickly as we can.

See also our ‘Claims’ FAQs.

Who should I get to carry out a survey on my boat?
    • Find a surveyor who is knowledgeable about the type of boat you have. 
  • The surveyor must be independent of the seller and any intermediary involved in the sale. 
  • The surveyor should have professional indemnity insurance. 
  • Many surveyors carry qualifications and/or are members of professional bodies, such as the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA) and the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS).
  • To find a surveyor, get in touch with a professional body, check their websites, or ask your local marina or a yacht broker for their recommended list.

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